SGI Gold Warranty Coverage

The Gold level of service covers all of the system under the Bronze and Silver protection plans and adds two additional system including Audio Center, and Hardware, with additional enhancements in nine coverage areas. SGI Extended Service Agreements pay for parts and labor on all covered parts.

Engine: Cylinder block, cylinder head(s), turbocharger/supercharger and their internal components - Mounts - Timing gears - Timing/Balance shaft chain/belt, guides, tensioners, sprockets and cover - Flywheel/flex plate - Harmonic balancer - Oil pan - Oil pump - Intake manifold - Exhaust manifold - Valve cover(s) - Wastegate - Engine oil pressure gauge - Radiator - Radiator fan - Electric fan motor - Water pump and pulley - Water pump housing - Belt tensioner - Fan clutch - Fan shroud - Radiator coolant recovery unit - Electric radiator fan motor relay/switch - Electric radiator fan motor sensor - Engine thermostat - Engine coolant temperature gauge - Hot water valve.

Transmission & Transfer Case: Transmission and transaxle cases and their internal components - Mounts - Torque converter - Vacuum modulator - Transmission oil cooler - Gear shift lever - Electronic shift control processor - electronic shift control sensor - Transmission shift linkage - Pan - Four wheel drive actuator - Transfer case and all internal components - Mounts.

Drive Axle: Final drive and axle housing and their internal components - Axles - Axle shafts and bearings - Propeller shafts - Hubs - Constant velocity joints - Universal joints - Center Bearings - Yokes - Hub bearings - Locking rings - Differential covers.

Suspension: Wheel Bearings - Sway bar and its bushings and linkage - Upper and lower control arms - Control arm shafts and bushings - Upper and lower ball joints - Radius arm and bushing - Stabilizer bar, links and bushings - Strut bar - Spindle and support - Strut bearing and bushings - Air suspension compressor - Suspension control computer - Suspension control solenoids - Height sensors - Mode selector switch.

Steering: Gear housing/rack assembly and their internal components - Control valve and cylinder - Power cylinder assembly - Steering Column shaft(s) and their couplings/bearings - Steering knuckle - Power steering pump, pulley, and mounting bracket- Dampener - Pitman arm - Tie rods - Tie rod ends - Idler arm - Drag link - Steering wheel - Tilt wheel mechanism - Rear wheel steering column shaft and sensor - Rear Wheel steering control unit - Rear wheel steering shaft and couplings - Rear wheel steering stepper motor - Rear wheel steering rack assembly.

Brake: Master cylinder - Power brake assist boosters - Combination valve - Backing plate assembly - Brake pedal assembly - Accumulator - Parking brake pedal - Parking brake cable - Parking brake release mechanism - Self adjusters - ABS booster pump - ABS control processor - ABS control sensors - ABS control solenoids - ABS modulator valve - ABS valve and accumulator - Brake calipers - Wheel cylinders - Brake lines and fittings.

Electrical: Alternator - Voltage regulator - ignition coil - Ignition switch - Electronic ignition module - Electronic fuel injection sensors - Electronic fuel injection control units - Electronic ignition distributor - Electronic spark timing control unit - Alternator pulley and mounting bracket - Igniter - Volt/AMP Gauge - Starter motor - Starter motor drive -Starter motor solenoid - Wiper motors - Manually operated electrical switches - Horn and horn relay - Electric window motors - Electric mirror motors - Cruise control module - Cruise control actuator - Electric door lock relay and actuator - Electric trunk/tailgate/hatchback actuators - Backup light switch - Brake light switch - Door operated courtesy light switches - Neutral safety switch - Power antenna motor - Rear window defogger unit - Rear window defroster grid - Windshield washer pump - Electric power seat motors - Electric convertible top motor - Electric sunroof motor - Electric headlamp motor - Electronic instrumental panel control module - Electronic instrument panel display - Engine wiring harness - Electric traction control sensors and control module - Electronic suspension air compressor - Factory installed theft receiver - Inclinometer - Cigarette lighter(s) - Auxiliary power point - Illuminated vanity mirrors - Tachometer - Trip/mileage computer - Headlamp dimmer switch - Map lights -Clock.

Air Conditioning: Compressor - Accumulator/drier only in conjunction with compressor replacement - Condenser - Evaporator - Compressor clutch and coil - Compressor pulley and mounting bracket - Expansion valve - Orifice tube - Pressure witches - Idler pulley and bearing - Manual temperature control selector head - Automatic temperature control selector head - - Blower motor - Heater control valve - Air ducts - Air registers - Control cables - Power module - Plenum doors - Vacuum motors - Idler pulley tensioner - Heater core.

Fuel System: Fuel Tank - Fuel pump - Fuel injection pump - Diesel fuel injectors - Gasoline fuel injectors (for electrical failure only) Accelerator pedal - Fuel pressure regulator - Fuel level sending unit - Accelerator pedal linkage - Fuel pressure sensor - Fuel pump relay - Fuel shutoff control - Fuel tank filler pipe - Metal fuel lines - Fuel gauge - Vacuum pump.

Audio Center: Factory installed entertainment chassis modules including: Radio - CD Player - Magnetic tape player - Graphic equalizer (Limited to repair only, not replacement)

Hardware: Ashtrays - Door handles - door latches - Door locks - door hinges - Hood latch release mechanism - Hood Struts - Hood hinges - Hood torsion bars - Ignition switch lock cylinder - Rear hatch struts - Seat tracks - Deck lid latch/release - Deck lid hinges - Deck lid torsion bars - Power seat transmission - Window crank handles - Window regulators - Wiper motor transmission - Altimeter - Compass - Glove box lock and latch.

Seals and gaskets are included for all Gold covered components.
Fluids and filters are included in conjunction with a covered repair. 

Additional Benefits:

24-Hour Roadside Assistance
Rental Vehicle Assistance
Tire Protection
Trip Interruption
No Limit Claims
Ease of Service - Repair may be completed at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

*Pricing varies on vehicle make, model, mileage, and year. Call for more details.

This info is for marketing purposes only. Please refer to the specific warranty contract for a complete listing of covered components, benefits, terms, and conditions. 


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